Experience the Magic of Disney with Lego 71040: A Detailed Review of the Disney Castle Set

Experience the Magic of Disney with Lego 71040: A Detailed Review of the Disney Castle Set

Apr 23, 2023 Post by Alok Jain0 comments

One of the most impressive and fascinating sets in the Lego catalog is Lego set 71040. The Magic Kingdom theme park in Florida's Walt Disney World Resort is home to the iconic Cinderella Castle, which is a meticulous replica of the set known as the Disney Castle.

The Lego 71040 set is one of the biggest and most complex sets in the Lego catalogue, with 4,080 pieces. The set is an eye-catching display piece that will appeal to any Disney or Lego fan, standing over 29 inches tall and 17 inches wide.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Tinker Bell are the five mini-figures included in the set. Fans of both Lego and Disney will be delighted by the intricate designs of each mini-figure.

There are numerous rooms and components in the Disney Castle set that are authentic to the real castle. The set has a grand hall with a throne and a mosaic floor, a bedroom with a spinning wheel, a music room, a kitchen, and a tower with a hidden room.

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The attention to detail in the Lego 71040 set is one of its most impressive qualities. Every space and feature has been meticulously planned with great accuracy and attention to detail. The set is full of Easter eggs and nods to classic Disney films and characters, such as a hidden reference to Aladdin’s lamp and a hidden Mickey Mouse symbol in the stained glass window of the grand hall.

The Lego 71040 set is difficult to assemble, but the experience is worthwhile. The set will take several hours to finish and is intended for skilled Lego builders. The set includes a detailed instruction manual that is easy to follow, but builders will need to pay close attention to the small details to ensure that each piece is placed correctly.


The Lego 71040 Disney Castle set is a stunning and meticulous recreation of the well-known Cinderella Castle. This set is a must-have for any Lego or Disney fan thanks to its attention to detail, impressive size, and variety of features. Building the set is a rewarding experience that will provide hours of enjoyment, and the finished product is a stunning display piece that will impress anyone who sees it.

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