LEGO Jango Fett: Build Your Own Bounty Hunter!

LEGO Jango Fett: Build Your Own Bounty Hunter!

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You won't want to pass on the opportunity to add LEGO Jango Fett to your collection if you enjoy building LEGO sets and are a fan of Star Wars. For any lover of the series, this recognisable bounty hunter from the Star Wars universe is a must-have.

You should add LEGO Jango Fett to your collection of Star Wars LEGOs for the following reasons:

Iconic Character

From the Star Wars world, Jango Fett is a favourite among fans. He is a merciless bounty hunter with a collection of lethal weapons and a stylish helmet. You can showcase this legendary figure in your collection by creating a LEGO Jango Fett.

Enjoyable construction

Building the LEGO Jango Fett set is a tough yet enjoyable construction. The set's 85 parts make it ideal for intermediate builders seeking a challenge. It's a terrific project to do alone or with friends and family because the set includes step-by-step instructions to walk you through the building process.


After constructing the LEGO Jango Fett kit, you'll have a fully poseable figure to utilise in your pretend play. With his movable limbs, legs, and head, Jango Fett is ideal for acting out scenarios from the Star Wars films or inventing new adventures.


LEGO Jango Fett is a terrific complement to any LEGO display in addition to being a fun toy to play with. For displaying Jango Fett on a desk or shelf, the package includes a stand.

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The LEGO Jango Fett kit offers great value for the money thanks to its affordable price. For a small fraction of the price of some other LEGO sets, you can receive a well crafted, posable figure of a beloved Star Wars character.

We'll demonstrate how to construct your very own posable LEGO Jango Fett figurine in this step-by-step building tutorial.

Step 1:Gather Your Materials in

Make sure you have all the required materials on hand before you begin construction. There are 85 pieces total in the LEGO Jango Fett set, including a helmet and a blaster weapon. A flat surface on which to construct as well as the set's instruction manual are additional requirements.

Step 2 Build the Torso and Legs

Build Jango Fett's body and legs first. A brick with two Technic pins on either side makes up the torso. Using Technic pins, join the legs to the torso.

Step 3. Construct the Arms

Make Jango Fett's arms next. A ball joint piece, a 2x2 plate, a 1x1 brick, and a 1x1 round plate make up each arm. Before attaching the arm pieces to the ball joint, attach the torso piece to the ball joint.

Step 4: Create the Head Next

Create Jango Fett's head and helmet. The helmet is an independent component that goes on top of the head. Connect the torso's ball joint to the head.

Step 5: Add More Information

The finishing touch is to give Jango Fett's figure the finishing touches. The figure's right hand should be attached to the blaster gun before the arms and legs are put into the proper configuration. Finally, to display the figure on a shelf or desk, attach the included stand to the bottom of the figure.

LEGO Jango Fett box

You've done it—you've created your own LEGO Jango Fett figure! For fans of all ages, building Jango Fett is entertaining and hard in addition to being a cool addition to any Star Wars LEGO collection. This figure is ideal for display and imaginative play because to its posable limbs and attention to detail. Why then wait? Build your own LEGO Jango Fett right away to unleash your inner fan.

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In conclusion, the LEGO Star Wars Jango Fett set is the ideal complement to your LEGO collection. It's a great option for any Star Wars or LEGO fanatic thanks to its iconic design, difficult build, playability, displayability, and value. Prepare to gather this vicious bounty hunter and let your imagination run wild with LEGO Jango Fett.

Are you prepared to expand your Star Wars LEGO collection with Jango Fett? So purchase the kit and start channelling your inner bounty hunter.

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