Top Board Games for Young Entrepreneurs: Key Business Skill Development

Top Board Games for Young Entrepreneurs: Key Business Skill Development

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As a young entrepreneur, you might be asking how to acquire the abilities required to be successful in a company. Playing board games can be a fun and successful approach to developing your strategic thinking, decision-making, and bargaining abilities. Education and experience can assist, of course, but board games can also be a pleasant and effective way to do so.

According to a study done by academics at the University of California, Berkeley, who interviewed 65 self-employed business owners, those who played strategic board games as kids were more likely to have acquired key abilities necessary for their success as entrepreneurs. The best board games for young entrepreneurs to develop essential business skills are listed below:


Top Board Games Monopoly

This timeless game, Monopoly, has been a fan favorite for many years, and with good reason. It teaches users how to bargain for deals, manage their money, and make wise financial decisions. In Monopoly, you buy and construct properties, collect rent from other players, and try to bankrupt your rivals. The game also imparts valuable knowledge on risk management as you must weigh the risk of purchasing additional properties against the likelihood of making money over the long run.

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Settlers of Catan

Top Board Games Settlers of Catan

This contemporary classic has garnered various accolades for its unique gameplay. Players strive to develop and colonize a new land in this game. To construct communities, cities, and roadways, you must gather materials like wood, brick, and grain.


Top Board Games Risk

This is a game of world dominance in which players attempt to rule the globe through military tactics and diplomatic relations. Gamers must control their forces, form alliances, and choose strategically where to assault and defend. The game teaches players important lessons about risk management and strategic planning because they must balance the potential long-term rewards against the risk of expanding their territory.


Top Board Games Pandemic

It is a cooperative game that teaches players problem-solving and teamwork. In this game, participants cooperate to halt the global spread of dangerous diseases. Players must cooperate to find treatments and stop outbreaks because each player has a particular job and special skills. The video game Pandemic is excellent for teaching players about crisis management.

Power Grid

Top Board Games Power Grid

Building an energy network and managing resources are the two main objectives of the game Power Grid. In addition to managing their money and negotiating with other players, players compete to develop power plants and supply electricity to cities. The game teaches important lessons about resource management and supply chain logistics as players must balance the cost of building additional power plants with the potential revenues from selling electricity to communities.

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88% of the entrepreneurs surveyed felt that playing strategic board games as children enhanced their capacity for strategic thinking. These skills were viewed as crucial for the entrepreneurs' capacity to form well-informed judgments, devise business plans, and identify and seize new opportunities. Board games, according to 73% of the entrepreneurs surveyed, have improved their ability to manage risks. These skills were seen as being necessary for the entrepreneurs' ability to evaluate and manage risk, make wise financial decisions, and deal with ambiguity and uncertainty.

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